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Tarobá associates are professionals with extensive experience in industry, as well as outsourcing and services, in Brazil and abroad.

Tarobá performs in specific sectors such as energy, heavy industries, logistics, transportation, environmental conservation, appraisals and expertise, with intense participation of its professionals on large companies, leaders in their markets.

Currently, Tarobá activities are grouped into four segments:

>> Commercial Representation of industrial enterprises in Energy and Steel sectors.

>> Expertise and engineering appraisals.

>> Consulting and special projects

>> Industrial Effluent Treatment plant operation and administration, contributing to Environmental improvement.

Al. Itapecurú, 645 - cj. 522 - Centro Empresarial Alphaville - Barueri, SP - Brazil - CEP 06454-080
phone/fax : (11) 4191-1878 - E-MAIL comercial@taroba.eng.br